Posted by: NidhiVedi | September 15, 2018

Classy Eco-Friendly Ganesha (100 words)

Decoration worth is more than 1 lakh, light, fans, DJ all costs more than 3lakhs for 10 days. We are dancing on Hollywood songs, kids are enjoying the performance on Bollywood item numbers. We are living in a high-class, well-educated society.

We kept Eco-friendly Ganesha. We organized an eco-friendly Ganesha workshop for kids. After all wisdom and sophistication is our class. Plastic cups, plates, spoons, polybags, silver foils, water bottles, use and throw boxes. Huge food leftovers will be segregated and both wastes will be dumped in different places. We are saving Mother Earth by using Eco-friendly Ganesha.


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