Posted by: Nidhi | August 15, 2009

SRK Detained At USA Airport

SRK Detained At USA Airport 


Though I am a huge fan of SRK but, According to my experience it is not a big deal in USA & European Countries. They do these acts just because of security. There is no relationship between name. It is not related to being a khan. We & so many others have faced this situation couple of times. Just because we are normal person it haven’t become a big issue. Even we have remove our Malgalsutra’s some times. If you go to any important place in US like Statue Of Liberty or any Sky Scrapers like Sears Tower, Empire State you have to pass through the security.


They never see that which race you belongs to. If they have any doubt, on any person they just grab them & if the person is not guilty, they will leave him with apology. I think this tight security is good for a common man & it is just for our security only. Though our community is minor community here so we think it happens only with us. There is no relation with being a Khan.


But no doubt he is a world famous personality. When for him it took 2hr time to questioning just think of others & simple people, who faced this kind of situations. How much they struggle. But I must say that American authorities should adopt some other way so that world famous personalities are not embarrassed like this….


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